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Published August 18, 2011

Mr. President ‘fight’ is required

A letter to the President

After watching the debt debacle and the continuing inexorable behavior by too many of those we’ve sent to Congress to work on our behalf, I agree with you Mr. President. I’ve had ENOUGH!

Mr. President, being a Leo too, I know you prefer compromise over a fight. You don’t have to fight, Mr. President, but you do need to show us that you are willing to fight for us.

Here is a simple strategy, Mr. President, you could use that will work for you and work for the nearly 69.5 million of us who voted for you in 2008, and who need just a little reassurance to vote for you again in 2012.

Mr. President, tell us (the American people) that you will:

Fight for us!
Fight to provide jobs for us.
Fight for solid Healthcare for us.
Fight to protect Social Security for us.
Fight to protect Medicare for us.
Fight for Pell Grants for us so we can better afford to send our children to college.
Fight for us to have the right to choose to be fully represented by a union.
Fight to generate revenue for us by requiring all of us to pay our fair share of taxes.

Most people don’t like to fight or see people fight, but they do want to know when the chips are down our President has “fight” in him.

Mr. President, in your speeches going forward start using the word – fight. Say you will fight for us and keep saying it. Then ask us to join you and fight with you.

If you use this strategy, Mr. President, I believe it will prove to be a winning strategy for you and for us.

Alan W. Sorter
Publisher & President
Columbus Post



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